[pgpool-hackers: 90] "COMMIT" sent to read-only slave in streaming replication

alex alex at smalldemons.com
Fri Jul 20 02:44:18 JST 2012

I had an interesting problem yesterday and wanted to report it before 
spending too much time tracking it down.

I have two databases configured with postgres streaming replication that 
I was putting together with a new instance of pgpool.  I'm using load 
balancing with no caching (yet).  The whitelist is empty and the 
blacklist is ".*" (so, everything).  I had the primary configured as 
backend1 and the slave configured as backend0.  I know pgpool prefers it 
the other way around, but also that it's smart enough to figure out 
which is which; backend0 is the normal primary but we'd had a failover 
recently and haven't failed back yet.

What I saw was the queries correctly went to backend1, but the COMMIT 
went to both, causing errors that filtered up to the application.  When 
I switched backend0 and backend1 in the configs everything worked fine.

(from the postgres logs)
LOG:  statement: COMMIT
WARNING:  there is no transaction in progress

(and from pgpool's logs)
ProcessBackendResponse: kind from backend: Z
pool_read_message_length: slot: 1 length: 5
ReadyForQuery: transaction state:T
pool_unset_query_in_progress: done
pool_unset_query_in_progress: done
ProcessBackendResponse: Ready For Query
ProcessFrontendResponse: kind from frontend Q(51)
pool_unset_doing_extended_query_message: done
statement: COMMIT
pool_set_query_in_progress: done
send_to_where: 3 query: COMMIT
DB node id: 1 backend pid: 18487 statement: COMMIT
wait_for_query_response: waiting for backend 1 completing the query
DB node id: 0 backend pid: 7692 statement: COMMIT
wait_for_query_response: waiting for backend 0 completing the query
pool_send_and_wait: Error or notice message from backend: : DB node id: 
0 backend pid: 7692 statement: COMMIT message: there is no tr
ansaction in progress
read_kind_from_backend: read kind from 0 th backend N NUM_BACKENDS: 2
read_kind_from_backend: read kind from 1 th backend C NUM_BACKENDS: 2
read_kind_from_backend: 1 th kind C does not match with master or 
majority connection kind Nkind mismatch among backends. Possible last 
query was: "COMMIT" kind details are: 0[N: there is no transaction in 
progress] 1[C]
do_child: exits with status 1 due to error

It looks like find_primary_node works as intended, but for at least one 
check PRIMARY_NODE_ID isn't being tested for type stream. Before I spend 
too long wandering the code I wanted to see if this was intended 
(configurable) behavior, even though it doesn't seem to be.

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