[pgpool-general: 8870] Prepared statements over pgpool ?

Charly Koza cka at f4-group.com
Wed Jul 5 18:20:59 JST 2023

Hello !

I'm trying to use pgpool (4.4.3) to pool connections to postgresql, to 
enforce a lower max_connections.

I'm getting errors on prepared statements from osm2pgsql, |Query is in 
the form `|||EXECUTE mark_rels_by_way(404720865)|`

|Errors logged by pgpool :

FATAL: unable to bind

DETAIL: cannot get parse message "mark_rels_by_way"

This looks a lot like an old unsolved issue from osm2pgsql 

My current configuration include a single backend and

backend_clustering_mode = 'raw'

process_management_mode = dynamic

process_management_strategy = lazy

num_init_children = 150

min_spare_children = 5

max_spare_children = 20

connection_cache = on

Are prepared statements possible over pgpool ? (looks like they should 
be since documentation mention PREPARE/EXECUTE/DEALLOCATE commands)

Is there a specific configuration that breaks them ? or a specific 
configuration to allow them ?

Thanks for any tips

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