[pgpool-general: 8145] allocation of child processes is constantly growing

Nikola(HM) nikm71 at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 15:20:05 JST 2022


We are running an application in Kubernetes. Pgpool also works in 
Kubernetes. Each microservice has its own PostgreSQL database. 
Microservices are written in Java and connect to their databases via 
Pgpool .

We have a very hot issue with Pgpool.

Even in quiet mode, when there is no activity, the number of busy child 
processes and, accordingly, connections to databases is constantly 
growing on PostgreSQL and on  and does not decrease, reaching the limit. 
It turns out that microservices make new connections to the database 
each time through a new child process, and do not reuse the existing one.

Could you please tell me why this is happening.

Explain, please, the mechanism of allocation of child process in Pgpool 
for client connections.

When an existing client connection to a child process is reused and when 

Thanks in advance.


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