[pgpool-general: 8051] SSL transport between Pgpool and Postgres

some.drunken.dude at tutanota.com some.drunken.dude at tutanota.com
Mon Mar 28 22:21:48 JST 2022

Hi pgpool users

   I had spent way too much time trying to get pgpool to talk to CloudSQL Postgres instance using SSL. I will appreciate any comments.

   From reading and trying it is my understanding that this should be possible. Or am I wrong?
   Anyone had any luck doing the above in conjunction with Google's CloudSQL?

   In a nutshell, in clear text, everything works as expected. After pointing pgpool to CloudSQL CA certs from Google using:

   ssl = true
   ssl_ca_cert_dir = '/etc/pgpool/ca'

   * I am 100% CA certificates from Google are OK. However pgpool complains: ""SSL_connect": "certificate verify failed""
   * CloudSQL complains: db=[unknown],user=[unknown] LOG:  could not accept SSL connection: BAD_PACKET_LENGTH"
   * I had tried pgpool 4.2.6 and 4.3 with Alpine Edge
   * CloudSQL version of Postgres is 13
   * Pointing pgpool at /etc/ssl/certs (which included Google's certificates) made no difference

   I am little lost here. Any suggestions, comments, experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you

Kind Regards


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