[pgpool-general: 8042] Logging verbosity level of newly forwarded ParameterStatus messages

Syed Ahmed syed at merchlogix.com
Thu Mar 10 06:19:26 JST 2022

Referenced commit:

It looks like it bumped from "DEBUG5" to "LOG" level which means I have to
set my log_min_messages to FATAL to avoid "application_name",
"session_authorization", "is_superuser" spam because of the way our
connections are done.

Example messages (imagine thousands of these):
2022-03-09 13:48:26 yy at yy tutorials#search 39889 [27994] LOG:
 ParameterStatus message from backend: 0
2022-03-09 13:48:26 yy at yy tutorials#search 39889 [27994] DETAIL:  parameter
name: "application_name" value: ""

Would it be possible to reduce the level for this log so I can go back to
the default of "WARNING" for the log_min_messages parameter?

Syed A.
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