[pgpool-general: 8027] Re: Pgpool HA in AWS

Lucas root at sud0.nz
Tue Mar 1 09:14:36 JST 2022

> On 24/02/2022, at 10:45 PM, RAJAMOHAN <garajamohan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello team,
> I am setting up a high availability architecture for pgpool using ec2 instances. I am able to complete 2 node pgpool instances setup in the same subnet using watchdog by detaching and attaching secondary ENI (Private ip). And it's working fine.
> As a next step I am planning to setup two pgpool instances in 2 different availability zones to avoid AZ level outages as well. But the problem now is since both AZ's have different subnet ranges I can't use the secondary ENI or elastic ip approach.
> Are there any other options to overcome this? Any suggestions or ideas will be helpful?
> Please advise.

I also have a cluster of PGPOOL deployed in AWS in 3 different AZs. Deployed them in a private subnet with Terraform. They can talk to each other with no problem. I actually installed each PGPOOL in the same instance as my DB servers (running on EC2). I have 5 DB instances, and 5 pgpool nodes.

Not sure what you problem is, TBH. If you could provide more details….

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