[pgpool-general: 8270] Problems with pool_passwd

Jon SCHEWE jon.schewe at raytheon.com
Thu Jun 30 05:05:31 JST 2022

I'm having some trouble using pool_passwd with pgpool-II 4.3.2.
I'm using the attached pgpool.conf file where I have specified that the pool_passwd file is named "passwords.conf".
This file exists and is readable only by the postgres user, which is the same user pgpool-II is running as.
This file contains:
sr_check_password = 'TEXTpass1'
health_check_password = 'TEXTpass2'
recovery_password = 'TEXTpass3'

When I use this configuration pgpool can't connect to my postgres database, I get a bunch of client provided empty password errors.
However when I put the entries directly in pgpool.conf the connections work.

Why is this?

Jon Schewe
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