[pgpool-general: 8248] Re: load_balance_mode is off by default but balancing works?

Nikolay Mastilo (HM) nikm71 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 25 04:25:27 JST 2022


We run docker image pgpool/pgpool:4.2.2 in Kubernetes.

I found that

- if I set load_balance_mode off,  load balancing doesn't work

- if I remove load_balance_mode parameter from environment variables 
list, assuming  the default value of load_balance_mode, load balancing 
works! And 'pgpool SHOW load_balance_mode' command returns 'on'.


22.06.2022 12:17, Bo Peng пишет:
> Hello,
>> For our Pgpool, we did not set the parameter load_balance_mode. Its
>> default is off. When we noticed this, we checked it by command "pgpool
>> show load_balance_mode". Check returned 0. This means balancing was
>> disabled. Correctly?
>> However, the load balancing worked, according to various checks (for
>> example, "show pool_nodes" command), read requests were routed to
>> read-only replicas.
>> Could you comment on this behavior of Pgpool?
> If you are using Pgpool-II 4.3, the default value of
> load_balance_mode is "on".
> https://www.pgpool.net/docs/latest/en/html/runtime-config-load-balancing.html#GUC-LOAD-BALANCE-MODE
>> Thanks in advance.
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>>     Nikola
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