[pgpool-general: 8334] repmgr and pgpool-II: is wiki correct suggesting not to use it?

Alessandro Dentella sandro.dentella at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 07:55:56 JST 2022


I'm just diving into pgpool for the first time.
I read in the wiki (*Can I use repmgr with Pgpool-II?)*
 that you'd better avoid using repmgr and pgpool together and points to a
document where repmgrd is used to monitor  and failover.

I have seen other blogs  (
where rempgr is configured with failover=manual and repmgr  (the command ,
not the daemon) is used in the scripts
pointed to by 'recovery_1st_stage_command' and 'failover_command'.

It seems to me a solution that allows a clean way to setup replication
(repmgr is IMHO pretty straightforward) and the power of
pgpool in load balancing and detecting a server to evict.

Am I wrong when thinking that the wiki advises against one setup but does
not consider the other possibility?

Any hint is appreciated
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