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Todd Stein todd.stein at microfocus.com
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Starting and stopping postgres and pgpool.
I've seen several posts and questions regarding the correct method to use for controlling postgres and pgpool.  I'm referring to the use of pg_ctl, deamon mode/systemd, or other creative ways....

The problem I've seen is that sometimes these methods do not remain in sync.  You may start postgres with pg_ctl and get false results when running sysemctl status postgresql-<ver>.

The pgpool scripts all use pg_ctl instead of systemd.

Is one way better?  Why?


Todd Stein

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> I'd like to use scram authentication with my pgpool/postgresql cluster.
> I don't know what to do with the pcp.conf file.  I don't find anything other than md5 encryption for this file.

pcp.conf only accepts md5 encryption.

> Should I be using md5 encryption for this file while using scram-sha-256 everywhere else?


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