[pgpool-general: 8316] Re: Degenerate cluster

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Fri Jul 8 13:09:49 JST 2022

> Is it possible to have pgpool keep running with a single node in the cluster?

>From Pgpool-II 4.3 that is possible. See the manual:

especially this parameter: wd_remove_shutdown_nodes

> I have 3 nodes in my cluster and I want to upgrade postgresql on them with minimal downtime.
> I figured I would shutdown postgresql and pgpool on 2 of them and leave the 3rd one up until the others are upgraded and ready.
> However when I stopped pgpool on 2 nodes the 3rd node (psql-dev-03) gave up the virtual IP and I have no database connection.
> Is this expected?

Yes, because the quorum is lost.

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