[pgpool-general: 7727] Recovery after loosing connection to all backends

Emond Papegaaij emond.papegaaij at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 03:35:10 JST 2021

Hi all,

During testing of some of the more intense failure scenario's we sometimes
end up with a cluster where all backends are down according to pgpool. We
run in a cluster with 3 nodes, all running a pgpool and a postgresql
instance. In some situations when the pgpool instances lose connection to
the postgresql backends, they are all marked as down and the cluster never
recovers. To make things worse, this state is shared between the pgpool
nodes, so even restarting the pgpool instances one by one does not help.
Once you enter this state, the only way out is to stop all pgpool instances
and then start them again, to clear the cluster and have pgpool start with
a fresh state. Is there any way to trigger pgpool to re-evaluate the status
of a backend, even when the cluster think it's down?

Best regards,
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