[pgpool-general: 7707] Re: Nodes down as quarentined, but not sure what is the problem

Bo Peng pengbo at sraoss.co.jp
Thu Sep 16 14:07:38 JST 2021


> If I try the pcp_attach_node, the msg is:
> ERROR:  failback request for node_id: 1 from pid [854715] is canceled  by other pgpool

I could not reproduce this issue in 4.1.1.
I think it may be in a network isolation state in your environment.

Cloud you share your pcp_attach_node command and the following result?

  $ pcp_watchdog_info -h spcdmvm8019 -v -U pgpool
  $ pcp_watchdog_info -h spcdmvm8020 -v -U pgpool
  $ pcp_watchdog_info -h spcdmvm8021 -v -U pgpool

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