[pgpool-general: 7873] URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED : Pgpool not listening to 9999

Lakshmi Raghavendra lakshmiym108 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 01:34:42 JST 2021

Hi Pgpool team,

   We are in a production call, and what we are seeing is, when pgpool is
started on slave nodes its not binding to 9999 & 9898. Could you please
help us know how to proceed in this regards.

iptables -L -n --line-numbers | grep :9999

iptables -L -n --line-numbers | grep :9898

Both the above commands are not returning any output while pgpool is

Attaching logs for reference, please let us know at the earliest.

Master : vidm2
Slave 1 : vidm1
Slave 2 : vidm0

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