[pgpool-general: 7859] PCP recovery node Error: Recovery request is only allowed in replication and streaming replication modes

Nirav Bhatt niravbhatt.cpp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 08:10:45 JST 2021


After setting up pgpool2 4.1 based on below tutorial, I kept getting
unreliable behavior.


So I followed all the steps and realized that I was not setting standbys as

First I start all 3 servers:

systemctl start postgresql
systemctl start pgpool2

After, when I ran following command from my primary:

pcp_recovery_node -h {VIRTUAL IP} -p 9898 -U pgpool  -n 1

It gave me error:

ERROR:  process recovery request failed
DETAIL:  recovery request is only allowed in replication and streaming
replication modes.

The tutorial does not mention much about how to set up streaming
replication mode. I set up all params in postgresql.conf as per the

I have 2 questions:
1 - what is the main issue? Is it the above error about streaming
replication mode?
2 - If not, is my original setup is problematic?
I have strong feeling it is the case:
Even when I stop pgpool on all nodes, and start node0, show pool_nodes show
node 0 as down, and node 1 as master (even though pgpool service is not
even running there!)
I repeatedly stopped and started postgres and pgpool, but node 1 constantly
remains the master.

Is there a way to reset all the previous runs of pgpool (maybe some old
state causing issues)
Once I solve it, I also need to solve how to set up proper standby server
using pcp_recovery_node

This setup is driving me mad.
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