[pgpool-general: 7605] Pgpool - ERROR: Sorry, too many clients already

valsaraj pv valsarajpv at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 22:21:34 JST 2021


After integrating pgpool with the app server, we tested by running load
tests with 25 concurrent users.
The following error comes multiple times while test running:

> ERROR:  Sorry, too many clients already
> LOG:  backend [1]: WARNING: there is already a transaction in progress

Set the following in pgpool:
child_life_time = 5min

There are master-slave postgre DB servers with max_connections=250.
There are 2 appservers with XADatasource max pool size 60, pointing to the
Pgpool server.
The application connects to 4 databases but only one database is used 90%.

When we point directly to the master DB server, all works fine. But when
connected via the Pgpool server, these errors come intermittently.

Is it because Pgpool connections are not getting released and are all in
active state?
Is there any way the excess connection requests in the queue instead
of throwing errors so that it will be processed once existing connections
are released?
Anyone please help me identify the bottleneck.

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