[pgpool-general: 7601] Problems with response time

Francesco Mazzi fmazzi at comune.genova.it
Tue Jun 29 22:22:51 JST 2021

Hello, we have two instances of pgpool 4.2.2, one leader and one stand by, in front of a postgresql cluster of 3 nodes (one read/write and two read only), version 12. 
We noticed a strange behaviour about connection response time, both with active and standby pgpool: sometimes response time (database connection) suddenly changes from about 0,02s to about 5s and then it comes back to 0,02s. CPU load on server remains very low. 
We raised num_init_children to 110 but nothing changed. In this moment database it isn't very used, so why there are these low response times? 
Any ideas? 
Thank you. 
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