[pgpool-general: 7632] Re: Pgpool replication delay

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Sat Jul 3 09:52:38 JST 2021

>>> Any recommendations for this kind of scenario?
>> synchronous_commit = remote_apply will help at the expense of
>> performance.
> Another option is, setting delay_threshold of pgpool.conf to lower
> value. Default is 10000000 which allows large replication delay. So
> you might want to set smaller value for it.
> Note that observation of replication delay is done periodically,
> defined by sr_check_period. This means that if replication delay grows
> rapidly, the replication delay observed by pgpool could be outdated
> and pgpool may send SELECT to delayed standby, and you might see the
> error.
> In summary delay_threshold is not perfect but can be useful if you
> want to keep on using asynchronous replication.

Actually Pgpool-II has many other options that might help you. Please checkout the manual:

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