[pgpool-general: 7402] Re: Odd behavior of DML commands from pgAdmin with Native Replication and Load Balancing

Láznička Vladimír Vladimir.Laznicka at cca.cz
Wed Jan 20 19:01:24 JST 2021


Sorry for my late reply, I had some issue with logging from pgpool to SYSLOG, where certain messages, like those denoting which queries where sent to which node from my test session... I don't know if the message spam was too severe, so SYSLOG decided to just not process some of them, but in the end I limited the number of users that connected to pgpool by editing the pool_hba.conf file and the expected messages finally appeared. Anyway...

In the attachment are the messages from the pgpool log that describe the activity of my test session (it has PID 6454), which was load balanced to node 0. I tried few queries to see, what will appear in the log:

1) I ran the aforementioned combination SELECT and DELETE command - it was sent as one command to DB node 0 only.
2) Then I ran a SELECT on the same table as in the previous command to list remaining rows. It created pretty heavy message spam from pgAdmin, issuing SELECT commands on views such as pg_class and pg_attribute, with another session (with PID 6444) issuing one SELECT of its own.
3) Then I ran another SELECT on the same table, but limiting the results by searching for specific record by WHERE clause. It created the same heavy message spam from pgAdmin as before.
4) As the last test I ran a DELETE on the record my SELECT returned earlier. Here you can see it correctly sent the DELETE to both DB nodes.

I hope the log messages help you figure out what might be happening. Let me know if you I should try anything else.

Thank you for your help in the matter.

Vladimír Láznička

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Thank you for reporting this issue.

Could you enable the following paramaters and run the same queries via pgAdmin again?
Please to share the log file of pgpool.

  log_per_node_statement = on
  log_client_messages = on

On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 11:33:25 +0000
Láznička Vladimír <Vladimir.Laznicka at cca.cz> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have encountered an unexpected behavior of a DML (or DELETE to be exact) being issued from pgAdmin (v4.28) application accessing the database via pgPool configured with session level load balancing and native replication. I am running 2 servers with the pgPool-II service (version 4.1.3) with the Watchdog component and 2 PostgreSQL servers (version 11.9).
> When I create a new "Query Tool" window in pgAdmin, which creates a new session to pgPool/PostgreSQL that has one of the DB nodes set as load-balance node (doesn't matter which, it behaves the same on both), and write a SELECT command and right after it a DELETE command (or I assume any other DML) like so:
> SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE <primary_key> = <value>; DELETE FROM 
> <table> WHERE <primary_key> = <value>;
> And then I let it run as a whole, instead of the DELETE command being replicated to both DB nodes, it is performed only on the load-balance node (the one that receives the SELECT command). This causes data inconsistency as the record gets deleted only on that node, while on the other it is still present. If I issue these commands separately, it behaves as expected - SELECT gets load balanced to the chosen DB node and DELETE gets replicated to both nodes.
> I have also tried to turn off the load balancing (load_balance_mode = off), but that didn't solve the issue - the DELETE was automatically sent to the DB node, which was currently flagged as a "MASTER" node, but was not replicated to the other node. What helped, was setting replicate_select = on, which caused all the commands to be performed on both nodes, regardless of the type of the command.
> I have also tried to replicate this behavior with PSQL command line, where I have put the SELECT and the DELETE commands in one line, but both commands were issued correctly (SELECT on the load-balance node and DELETE on both), so it seems to be a pgAdmin specific issue. Now I understand that the pgAdmin is a 3rd party tool here, but I think it's being used widely enough to warrant some further investigation - whether there is some issue in pgPool code/behavior that causes it to treat the DELETE command as a part of the SELECT command (it is considered as a non-write command...) or if it is some "weird" way the pgAdmin parses those commands and sends them to pgPool.
> I am sending my pgpool.conf file as an attachment for further information, if you need me to send or test anything else, let me know.
> Thank you for your time.
> With best regards,
> Vladimír Láznička

Bo Peng <pengbo at sraoss.co.jp>
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
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