[pgpool-general: 7523] Re: Recovery after failure on a single backend

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Sat Apr 24 07:23:10 JST 2021

>>> 2) Enable auto_failback. Unlike #1, failover completes. But after some
>>> period, the backend automatically becomes online again if connection
>>> to the backend becomes healthy again.
>> The documentation states that this option relies on streaming
>> replication. We use this option in our cluster setup to automatically
>> reattach backends when streaming is in sync again. I don't think it
>> will work with a single backend because pgpool has no way of detecting
>> that the connection is healthy again. The health checks don't seem to
>> run on detached nodes.
> You are right. Sorry for wrong suggestion.

One correction. The reason why auto_failback does not work on a single
node is, because the node is not a streaming replication standby.
(Note that auto_failback runs on detached node.)

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