[pgpool-general: 7513] Re: Possible pgpool 4.1.4 failover auto_failback race condition

Nathan Ward lists+pgpool at daork.net
Wed Apr 21 19:49:49 JST 2021


> On 21/04/2021, at 8:38 PM, Takuma Hoshiai <hoshiai.takuma at nttcom.co.jp> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your information. I understood.
> Unfortunately, there is a possibility that this situation is happend
> by pgpool.  The follow_primary_command is executed asynchronous with
> a failover process, so pgpool can't judge why node status is down.


> If you want to avoid this on current pgpool, you can take either
> following measures.
> 1. Do not use auto_failback and follow_primary_command features together
> 2. Extend auto_failback_interval in order not to happen this problem

I have the auto_failback_interval set to 60s - which should mean that there is 1 minute to run through follow primary etc. before it attempts to auto_failback the node - however it seems to run immediately.

I can make this 5 minutes to see if there is any difference, but, the auto_failback runs right away so I’m not sure there will be.

> I will try that auto_failback is not happened while
> follow_primary_command on next version of pgpool.

Thank you! I will be happy to test any beta code in my test environment.

Nathan Ward

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