[pgpool-general: 7492] Re: pgpool2 in kubernetes dies

Nikolay Mastilo (HM) nikm71 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 9 18:36:23 JST 2021

our clients are microservices running on k8s. and if they are connected 
directly to database, the connection resume successfully.

and if they are connected to pgpool, they cannot resume connection after 
some time.

some clients outside of kubernetes (for ex. pgAdmin) *cannot *resume 
connection after some time too. but the DBeaver resumes connection 


09.04.2021 12:01, Anton Melser пишет:
>     And we have such issue - after approx 2 hours of idle our client
>     service cannot resume connection with pgpool, we have to restart
>     client service only that doesn't acceptable for us.
>     Could you tell why doesn't  pgpool accept requests after 2 hours
>     of idle and what we should do?
> And you definitely don't have this with normal pgpool outside of 
> Kubernetes and these clients? I am pretty sure I have python clients 
> (inside the cluster) that sometimes aren't doing anything for multiple 
> hours and they stay connected fine. Your clients are also inside your 
> cluster, right?
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