[pgpool-general: 7490] Re: pgpool2 in kubernetes dies

Nikolay Mastilo (HM) nikm71 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 9 17:54:12 JST 2021


We also use docker image of pgpool from bitnami in kubernetes.

And we have such issue - after approx 2 hours of idle our client service 
cannot resume connection with pgpool, we have to restart client service 
only that doesn't acceptable for us.

Could you tell why doesn't  pgpool accept requests after 2 hours of idle 
and what we should do?

Thank you in advance.


09.04.2021 10:34, Anton Melser пишет:
>     > Hi all! Does anyone have experience in launching pgpool2 in
>     kubernetes?
>     > Our pgpool2 image running in k8s freezes after 90min and does
>     not answer
>     > on requests
> I have been using the Bitnami Helm chart charts/bitnami/postgresql-ha 
> at master · bitnami/charts (github.com) 
> <https://github.com/bitnami/charts/tree/master/bitnami/postgresql-ha>. 
> It has some quirks but is pretty stable, and certainly lasts more than 
> 90 minutes!
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