[pgpool-general: 7489] Re: pgpool2 in kubernetes dies

Anton Melser anton at transcrob.es
Fri Apr 9 16:34:06 JST 2021

> > Hi all! Does anyone have experience in launching pgpool2 in kubernetes?
> > Our pgpool2 image running in k8s freezes after 90min and does not answer
> > on requests <http://www.pgpool.net/mailman/listinfo/pgpool-general>

I have been using the Bitnami Helm chart charts/bitnami/postgresql-ha at
master · bitnami/charts (github.com)
<https://github.com/bitnami/charts/tree/master/bitnami/postgresql-ha>. It
has some quirks but is pretty stable, and certainly lasts more than 90
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