[pgpool-general: 7488] Re: Promote specific backend to primary in streaming replication

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Thu Apr 8 17:05:40 JST 2021

>> No, pgpool does not have. However I think it would be a good idea to
>> have "include" feature like PostgreSQL.
> I would certainly use that. My puppet module writes the configuration data twice:
> 1) In to the main pgpool.conf file.
> 2) In to one of two files, either a “reloadable” config, or a “restart required” config - so that I can use puppet notifications for changes to those files to trigger either a reload or a restart.
> It then does some checks to make sure the pgpool.conf is older than the reloadable/restart required config, etc. etc. - it’s quite messy!
> An include directive would make that all a lot easier.. and of course would enable this use case.

Actually it has been already on the TODO list:


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