[pgpool-general: 7278] Re: VIP address still active when Pgpool stopped

Branislav Viest info at branoviest.com
Mon Sep 14 23:51:28 JST 2020

I have already reported same problem before :) 

Best Regards 

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Predmet: [pgpool-general: 7277] Re: VIP address still active when Pgpool stopped 

Hi Takuma, thank you for your answer! 

What pgpool version and os do you have? 

I'm using pgpool-II version 4.1.2 (karasukiboshi). 

Also, could you share pgpool.log when a new master is elected and an original master is stopped? 


I am attaching logs from proxy1 (pgpool1) and proxy2 (pgpool2) servers when a failover happened from proxy1 (old master) to proxy2 (new master) after a shutdown of the pgpool process on proxy1. 

Failover and taking of the failover IP happened at 14:14:21 on proxy2, but the same IP address remained on proxy1 also. 

Thank you very much for your help! 

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