[pgpool-general: 7272] Re: VIP address still active when Pgpool stopped

Takuma Hoshiai hoshiai.takuma at nttcom.co.jp
Mon Sep 14 10:16:18 JST 2020


On 2020/09/08 21:31, shacky wrote:
> Hi,
> I configured a 3-nodes Pgpool-II cluster, and I configured the 
> watchdog with a VIP address.
> Configuration summary:
> - pgpool1:
> - pgpool2:
> - pgpool3:
> - VIP address:
> When the master node is elected for the first time the VIP address is 
> added on the master node, but I realised that it is not removed when a 
> new master is elected, or I stop Pgpool on the original master node.
> What I see is that the "if_down_cmd" is never executed.
> This is a problem because in this situation I have two nodes with the 
> same IP address.

My understanding is that 'if_down_cmd' is executed correctly when pgpool
is shutdown.

What pgpool version and os do you have? Also, could you share pgpool.log
when a new master is elected and an original master is stopped?

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