[pgpool-general: 6918] Backend Node Not registering with PgPool II

Nitish Kumar itcell.mpwz at mp.gov.in
Thu Mar 5 21:14:35 JST 2020

Hi Team, 

I am using PgPool II 4.1.1 with 3 PostgreSQL 10.11 backend nodes. 

The issue I am facing is that only 2 nodes have been registered with PgPool II as shown in PgPoolAdmin UI. 

I am attaching the screenshot for the same. 

The configuration of all the 3 backend nodes are same and correct. I don't know why its happening as 
PgPool II is not outputing any explicit logs. 

I am facing this issue since PgPool II 4.1.0 version. The earlier resolution provided from you guys 
that I should upgrade to latest rpm of same version ( PgPool II 4.1.0 ). 
The problem existed even after applying that resolution. 

I hope it will fixed in the next minor release i.e v4.1.1. But even after updating my both PgPool II instances to 
v4.1.1 the problem exists. 

Kindly help me in fixing this issue. 


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