[pgpool-general: 7103] postgres db login via pgpool using PAM (on *nix OS)

orafin at xmission.com orafin at xmission.com
Thu Jun 25 22:47:56 JST 2020

Oh pgpool masters!


Want to log into 11.X postpgres db using uname and pword setup in db,  
using pgpool 4.X.
I think I need to use PAM in pool_hba.conf.  Believe I have setup pgpool.conf,
pool_hba.conf and pgpool file in /etc/pam.d correctly.

 From a remote machine host2, I do:

psql -h host1 -d dbname -U default_pgpool_software_owner_in_docs -p  

I get

plsql.bin error authentication failed
detail ldap authentication failed for user  

I want PAM to send the pword to db when it creates the backend  
connection and it's not working.

ps -ef shows a number of pgpool processes waiting.

Suggestions/examples where to start (have read docs already).  Not  
much in google.


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