[pgpool-general: 7170] Re: show pool_nodes not displaying replication_state or replication_sync_state

Philip Howell howell.philip at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 09:29:07 JST 2020

> Have you set "backend_application_name0" and
> "backend_application_name1" parameter? Also you need to specify
> "application_name" in primary_conninfo parameter in
> postgresql.conf. The application name must match in
> backend_application_name and primary_conninfo in postgresql.conf. For
> example,
> pgpool.conf:
> backend_application_name0 = 'server0'
> backend_application_name1 = 'server1'
> primary_conninfo in postgresql.conf of node 0:
> primary_conninfo = 'port=5432 user=postgres application_name=server0'
> primary_conninfo in postgresql.conf of node 1:
> primary_conninfo = 'port=5432 user=postgres application_name=server1'
Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, I have set the 'backend_application_name0' and
'backend_application_name1' parameters, however PostgreSQL 10 does not
appear to have the 'primary_conninfo' configuration parameter.

Does this mean that this functionality is not supported with PostgreSQL v 10?

Kind Regards,

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