[pgpool-general: 7168] show pool_nodes not displaying replication_state or replication_sync_state

Philip Howell howell.philip at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 09:36:45 JST 2020

We have two postgresql nodes configured as primary and hot standby with
streaming replication. Pgpool-II is configured on a third host to provide
load balancing and health check monitoring to trigger failover.

When, on the Pgpool-II host, I execute:

$ psql -U pgpool --dbname=postgres --host localhost -c "show pool_nodes"

Neither the primary or the secondary node show anything for
replication_state or replication_sync_state.

I have confirmed that the pgpool user is a postgresql superuser and I have
also added that user to the pg_monitor group (just in case).

Our Master/Slave Mode pgpool.conf settings are:

master_slave_mode = on
master_slave_sub_mode = 'stream'
sr_check_period = 10
sr_check_user = 'pgpool'

Given the above configuration should the replication_state and
replication_sync_state be displayed for the secondary node? Are there any
configuration settings I need to make to Postgres to enable this

I want to use the auto_failback option to reattach standby nodes, but I
don't think this feature will work if Pgpool-II can't see this information.

Regards, Phil
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