[pgpool-general: 7150] Long wait time when stopping Pgpool

Nikhil Shetty nikhil.dba04 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 00:41:16 JST 2020

Hi Team,

I am testing pgpool for my workload.We have three nodes of pgpool used as a
load balancer and connection pooler across three nodes of database servers.

All application connections to the database are through the pgpool. Without
stopping the application, if we want to stop the pgpool using "systemctl
stop edb-pgpool-4.0" then it takes a long time because connections are
still coming to the pgpool. Pgpool is stopped only after no new connections
appear + existing connections are terminated.

Even after Pgpool is stopped, I can see that files(.s.PGSQL.9898 and
.s.PGSQL.9999) under socket_dir which in our case is /tmp are not removed.
This does not allow the pgpool to start using  "systemctl start
edb-pgpool-4.0". We have to manually remove the files under /tmp and then
start pgpool.

I have two questions:
1. Before stopping pgpool, how can we prevent new connections from coming
into pgpool without stopping the application and terminate the
existing connections so that the stop command does not wait.
2. After stopping pgpool, why are files under /tmp not removed?

PS:Files are removed from /tmp if there are no connections via pgpool(this
will never be the case in production environment)
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