[pgpool-general: 7134] md5 authentication failed on pgpool failover

Wolf Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Wed Jul 8 12:09:27 JST 2020

I have 3 pgpool/postgresql nodes with watchdog.  When I start pgpool on the primary node 0. All my application host connect without any errors. When stop pgpool on node 0 to test the failover. Watchdog fails over to node 1 but in pgpool.log on node 1 I’m getting an error md5 authentication failed

Before failover
Node 0 pgpool.log

2020-07-07 14:02:17: pid 1062067: DETAIL:  connecting host=hosted-prev-01.uen.org port=40268

2020-07-07 14:02:17: pid 1068342: LOG:  new connection received

After failover
Node 1 pgpool.log

2020-07-07 20:49:04: pid 3850: DETAIL:  connecting host=hosted-prev-01.uen.org port=40498

2020-07-07 20:49:04: pid 3850: ERROR:  md5 authentication failed

2020-07-07 20:49:04: pid 3850: DETAIL:  password does not match

pool_hba.conf, pool_passwd, pcp.conf and .pgpass are the same on all 3 nodes

Host info
Ubuntu 20
Pgpool II 4.1.1
PostgreSQL 12

Wolfgang Schwurack
Database/System Administrator
Utah Education Network
wolf at uen.org<mailto:wolf at uen.org>

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