[pgpool-general: 7130] how to find the query that is generating a high load

Giancarlo Celli giancarlo.celli at flottaweb.com
Tue Jul 7 22:01:00 JST 2020

generally, using the top command, to see which connection to the db is 
causing a high load, just take the pid inside the brackets and make a 
fuser in the following way:

String of top command:    postgres: postgres dbname192.168.0.12(59864)

Command to see shell PID of process:   fuser 59864/tcp and I will see 
PID of process.

With pgpool, however, this type of search does not work and the fuser 
command does not show any process.
Is there any way to understand which query corresponds to that pid 
Best regards.

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