[pgpool-general: 6893] latest PgpoolAdmin problem

Radosław Szczygieł radoslaw.szczygiel at interia.pl
Thu Feb 27 19:29:50 JST 2020

Hi Pgpool team,I tried to install the latest version of pgpoolAdmin (https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.1/redhat/rhel-7-x86_64/pgpoolAdmin-4.1.0-1pgdg.rhel7.noarch.rpm) but I encountered a problem. I do the same steps to install it like on my version 3.7 (chmod, chcon etc...). On install page everything was configured correctly. On login page when I write login and password and click LOGIN button I have blank (clear) page. Otherwise when I write whatever on login and pass I have the same effect...  I noticed that in the previous version pgpoolAdmin installed to /usr/share/ dir and the newest returned where older versions to /var/www/html/ so install method should be the same like v3.7...Is there a new installation method on latest version??  I dont know what do now...RegardsRadoslaw Szczygiel--Pozdrawiam
Radosław Szczygieł
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