[pgpool-general: 7356] Re: Different Pgpool versions in cluster

KAWAMOTO Masaya kawamoto at sraoss.co.jp
Tue Dec 8 09:30:21 JST 2020

Hi Radoslaw Szczygiel.
Sorry for delayed response.
> Hi Pgpool team,I have quick question about working with different Pgpool versions in HA cluster. I have HA cluster PG-PGPOOL 4x servers - 2x PG stream replication v12.1 and 2x Pgpool with watchdog V4.1. I want to mąkę upgrade od Pgpool to v4.2 but I cant turn off both of Pgpool servers (cluster PG-PGPOOL need to constantly work) so I need to turn off Pgpool standby, upgrade it, turn on as standby and after few test od connections make it primary. The question is : could Pgpools with different versions 4.1 and 4.2 work together with watchdog?RegardsRadosław Szczygieł

No, Pgpools don't work with different versions 4.1 and 4.2 due to changes of watchdog feature in 4.2.

KAWAMOTO Masaya <kawamoto �� sraoss.co.jp>
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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