[pgpool-general: 7230] Re: Query regarding failover and recovery

shacky shacky83 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 22:20:26 JST 2020

> Not sure. For example, it is possible that the PostgreSQL has started
> but as a primary server, not standby server. So just PostgreSQL has
> succeeded in starting does not necessary means the PostgreSQL can be
> safely attached to the streaming replication cluster.
> Or do you mean that the primary server temporally goes down and after
> the restarting you want to use the server as the primary again? If so,
> the easiest way would be using DISALLOW_TO_FAILOVER flag. See the
> manual for more details.

I'm not sure I am understanding.
If a old primary node will resume it has to become a new standby if a
primary was promoted with an automatic failover.

Let me explain my use case.
I'm building a new repmgr cluster with one primary and two standbys.
 During the night dumps of virtual machines are automatically triggered and
it could happen that one virtual machine could be unavailable for a while
during the dump. If this happens, Pgpool will make a failover and a standby
node will become primary. After some minutes the former primary will become
available again, but it would be a false primary. In this case I'd issue a
"repmgr node rejoin" command to let it become a new standby.

I would like this to happen automatically.
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