[pgpool-general: 7210] Watchdog does not perform if_down_cmd

Branislav Viest info at branoviest.com
Thu Aug 20 18:19:08 JST 2020


I've been using pgpool watchdog within two nodes about 2 years. A couple of months, after probably some upgrade - I don't know what version exactly, problem describe bellow we experienced suddenly when pg-pool nodes switchover was triggered - we are experiencing problem with if_down_cmd command which is not executed when pg-pool is going down (service stop or restart). In the if_down_cmd directive I have on both servers: 

/usr/bin/sudo /sbin/ip addr del $_IP_$/24 dev eth0 

sudo is configured (if_up_cmd works properly, the configuration variable is: /usr/bin/sudo /sbin/ip addr add $_IP_$/24 dev eth0). iface is named eth0, so iface name is correct. 

The expected behaviour is remove/unbind failover ip from eth0 inet interface. Actually, nothing has happened. The pgpool is stopped correctly but IP is still assigned on the iface. The problem is, the second node which is becoming a master is also bind this FO IP. 

My pgpool version is 4.1.2-2.pgdg100+1 - latest from Debian Buster repo. Updated yesterday to this version, issue tested and still remains. In the logs is nothing during the shutdown period. During startup, if ip remained binded, there is just error message that if_up_cmd command was not successful, because, apparently, ip is binded already. But during shutdown, there is no error message about if_down_cmd. 

Do you guys have any ideas on how to solve this or what should be the problem? 

Thanks in advance. 


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