[pgpool-general: 7199] Blocked queries upon pgpool smart shutdown

Michal Jemala michal.jemala at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 16:34:13 JST 2020

Hi guys,

I deployed Bitnami's pgPool
<https://github.com/bitnami/bitnami-docker-pgpool> as a Kubernetes
container sidecar to proxy database queries from our API server to a
Postgres DB. The DB is run and managed by Google
<https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/postgres>and has a master and 1 replica.
The primary aim of this setup is to load-balance SQL statements between the
Postgres master and its replica and the config pretty much follows pgpool's
Aurora guide

Upon updating the API server deployment, the pod gets terminated by
Kubernetes by sending a SIGTERM signal. Thus our API server and pgpool
processes running in separate containers within a single pod, will receive
SIGTERM at the same time. API server handles SIGTERM and starts
a graceful shutdown and so does pgpool. The pgpool's smart shutdown ensures
child processes end gracefully. i.e. it waits for all clients to finish up
and disconnect. However, I still see errors in my API server logs
indicating the connection was closed by the pgpool.

Upon investigation it seems pgpool was not able to gracefully shutdown
within a defined period (30s) and it was SIGKILLed by Kubernetes. API
server logs show few hanging (> 20s) requests doing coupole of DB read
queries. Usually these requests finish within a few ms. pgpool logs show me
nothing (using default log config). Do you have any suggestion on what
could be going on and how to best troubleshoot this? Could I get detailed
logs from pgpool to follow the smart shutdown sequence? Or is there maybe
pgpool misconfiguration which prevents the correct and quick shutdown.

Many thanks,
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