[pgpool-general: 7185] Re: After FailOver.SH Both nodes remain on standby :(

Juda Barnes juda.barnes at MediaKind.com
Mon Aug 10 16:33:08 JST 2020

Thanks for your reply and your time ,

I checked it out , the script in create filename "trigger",    and it is ok  rather than "trigger_file"

and as you can see recovery.conf  postgress is looking for "trigger"

as well in the logs  logs  I did  see  message like  "found trigger file moving from hotstandby to master"

Here is the recovery.conf file

root at XXX XXX]# cat recovery.conf

standby_mode = 'on'

primary_conninfo = 'host=mgrdb120-hb port=5432 user=XXXX password=XXXX'

#restore_command = 'scp mgrdb120-hb:/home/postgres/archive/%f %p'

trigger_file = '/home/postgres/databases/fabrix/trigger'

archive_cleanup_command = 'ssh mgrdb120-hb /home/postgres/pg_utils/archive_cleanup.sh %r'

recovery_target_timeline = 'latest'

[root at mgrdb119 fabrix]#

So now my question is still relevant why pgpool doesn't recognize the postgress as primary

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