[pgpool-general: 6982] Secondary Fails to become Primary

hostmaster hostmaster at mylinuxsite.com
Thu Apr 16 00:05:37 JST 2020


I have a 2-node setup - 1 primary DB and 1 secondary DB. Pgpool runs on
the same machine as as the databases so there are also 2 Pgpools.

Secondary failed to become primary when the following scenario occurs:

1. Shutdown Secondary DB and Pgpool on the same machine.
2. Shutdown Primary DB and the Pgpool on the same machine.
3. Startup Secondary DB and the Pgpool
4. Wait for about 10secs (search_primary_node_timeout = 10)
5. failover_command get's executed. failover_command script promotes
the DB to Primary (i.e. pg_is_in_recovery is f)
6. But 'show pool nodes' still shows Secondary as 'secondary'. 

Is there a reason why pgpool is not recognizing the new primary? If I
restart pgpool it can recognize the correct role.


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