[pgpool-general: 6961] Too many connections in pgpool

Radosław Szczygieł radoslaw.szczygiel at interia.pl
Wed Apr 8 18:45:39 JST 2020

Hi PGPOOL TEAM,I have a 2x pgpool(v4.1.1)  cluster 2x pg (v12.1, stream replication) - over 20 databases and currently about 1800 connections  (about 900 per backend) - num init children 300, max pool 4, max conn 1100 with each month the number of clients for databases increases.I have few problems and questions:1. What causes the error in pgpool - "ERROR: Sorry, too many clients already" and "ERROR: unable to read data" and "ERROR: unable to read data from frontend"? On Postgresql log these errors do not occur...2. I plan to increase the number of connections to around 3000-4000. Can pgpool manage and apply strategies - increase max_pool or increase num_init_children?3. What are pgpool's capabilities / limits for handling a large number of simultaneous connections and a large number of connections in general?4. How would be pgpool failover behavior after exceeding the single database connection limit - modify "alter database limit connections" on postgres database?--Pozdrawiam
Radosław Szczygieł
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