[pgpool-general: 6718] Can't restart pgpool on SLAVE node (that is primary postgres server)

Giancarlo Celli giancarlo.celli at flottaweb.com
Mon Sep 23 19:03:48 JST 2019

I had to kill the pgpool process to change the master on the other node. 
I also removed the pgpool.pid.
Now this is the situation:

- Master pgpool ON
- Standby postgres ON

- Slave pgpool DOWN
- Primary postgres ON

My problem is that if I try to restart pgpool on NODE B (SLAVE pgpool), 
it not works.
In the log I see that initially it starts up correctly, but then the 
following error appears and pgpool goes down again:

FATAL:  failed to bind a socket: "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432"
DETAIL:  bind socket failed with error: "Address already in use"
LOG:  Watchdog is shutting down

I cannot stop postgres because it is primary server.
What can I do for start pgpool on SLAVE pgpool?

Best regards.

Giancarlo Celli
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