[pgpool-general: 6699] PGPool does not balance queries correctly. Java Application.

Franklin Anderson de Oliveira Souza franklinbr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 00:53:19 JST 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have four node postgresql with pgpol ahead:

0 node: master
lb_weight: 0.25

1 node: slave1
lb_weight: 0.25

2 node: slave2
lb_weight: 0.25

3 node: slave3
lb_weight: 0.25

JBoss of a Java application is sending 99% queries only to the
master node 0.
PGPool and PostgreSQL servers are properly configured and i use method
streaming replication. (pgpool.conf.sample-stream.)
Do I need to validate some parameter in the java configuration to perform
the correct balancing based on the lb_weight set?

When I run a simple shell script (psql) perform queries from pgpool the
balancing occurs perfectly


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