[pgpool-general: 6691] Re: pgpool document

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Sun Sep 1 17:11:41 JST 2019

> Hi
> I am looking for some clear document to setup pgpool for cluster and load
> balancing. I want to try streaming replication with 1 primary and 2 read
> only nodes using pgpool as load balancer. Any help would be appreciated. i
> am using red hat linux server for the setup but most documents talk about
> ubuntu.

There are some examples in the official documentation.

The closest one is here:


The differences are:

1) the example assumes CentOS7, but should be applied to Red Hat 7 as well.

2) the example is for 1 read only node, while yours is 2. But it's
   should be easy to add one more read only node.

3) the example explains "watchdog", which is HA feature for Pgpool-II
   itself. i.e. assuming to use multiple Pgpool-II. If you do not need
   the feature, you could skip the "watchdog" section.
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