[pgpool-general: 6784] VIP and quorum

Rafael Thofehrn Castro rafaelthca at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 11:08:24 JST 2019

Hi all,

I am testing pgpool 4.1.0 and ended up in something I found inconsistent.
This is the description of the delegate_IP parameter in 4.1:

> Specifies the virtual IP address (VIP) of Pgpool-II that is connected
from client servers (application servers etc.). When a Pgpool-II is
switched from standby to active, the Pgpool-II takes over this VIP. If
on (the default), VIP will not be brought up in case the quorum does not
exist. Default is ''(empty): which means virtual IP will never be brought

The part that explains about failover_require_consensus says that if this
parameter is enabled then VIP will not be claimed if quorum does NOT exist.
I assume that if I DISABLE this parameter then VIP will be claimed even
there is no quorum.

However, when testing with a 3 nodes cluster and failover_require_consensus
disabled, when I shutdown two nodes the third one doesn't claim the VIP.
This is what the log states:

> LOG:  I am the cluster leader node but we do not have enough nodes in
> DETAIL:  waiting for the quorum to start escalation process

In fact, I checked the source code and found no relationship between
and escalation.

I'm not complaining about the behavior, just that it seems inconsistent
with what the doc states. Or perhaps I misunderstood it.


Rafael Castro.
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