[pgpool-general: 6546] pgPool II with Hibernate

Enzo Veltri enzo.veltri at gmail.com
Sat May 4 23:25:06 JST 2019

I want to configure pgpool only as "load balancer" for the SQL queries.
This is my scenario:
- one application server with tomcat. For each server, there is a single
user that makes the queries. The user is for example "userApplication". I
want to use the application connection pooling (c3p0).
- a single node with pgpool installed configured to send R/W queries to the
master and R only queries to the slaves.
- a postgresql-cluster (postgresql-10) with one master node and one slave.

I've used the default configuration for pgpool (pgpool.conf.sample)
changing only:

*connection_cache = off*

So, in my understanding, setting connection_cache to off will disable the
connection pooling. But there are too many idle connections on postgres
opened by pgpool, so it seems that pgpool still open num_init_children.
Moreover, if I correctly understand connections with the same user name,
database, protocol version go to the same child process, so in my case, I'm
using only one of the child process and the others aren't used.

Is there a way to use pgPool to load balancing sql queries from the same
user to a different child process?

Enzo Veltri
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