[pgpool-general: 6480] Re: pgpool-II does nothing when slave node goes down

Dmitry Medvedev dm.dm.medvedev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 23:26:27 JST 2019

Thanks a lot, very usefull and detailed manual. My config (at least at this
moment) is simplier - I have only one instance of pgpool and 1 master and 1

You wrote "pgpool execute the failover_command in case there is a failure
of the master or a failure of one of the standby (at least when health
checks are used). In the failover script you will usually wants to check
(based on the arguments) what to do: if the failing host is the current
primary then you would promote the standby otherwise the script does

Imagine, that stand-by node is failed. If pgpool does nothing -> in this
case we have failed redundancy -> pgpool thinks that we have stand-by node
in reserve -> however stand-by node is down and there is no reserve.

So, maybe, the best way will be use such tools as Zabbix for monitoring and
use PgPool only for 2 things:
1) connection pooling
2) switching to standby on master failure
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