[pgpool-general: 6454] Question regarding PG Pool high availability setup on Microsoft Azure

Shereef Sakr shereef.sakr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 23:42:25 JST 2019


I'm having a problem regarding a high availability setup on Microsoft Azure
since PG Pool high availability depends on the existence of Virtual IP,
which simply doesn't work on Microsoft Azure and is not visible except on
the same virtual machine.

I found the example for Amazon AWS below, but I don't like the solution
that it's a public IP visible to the internet, and we can't accept that for
security reasons, also I didn't find a comparable example on Microsoft
Azure too.


Also in addition to that I tried to disregard the virtual IP and configure
my application using both internal IPs of both pg pool servers, but as per
my observation I found the following:

1- Double the needed connections are opened to both backend application
servers, which shouldn't be good to Postgres servers performance according
to "PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook" ( that Postgres performance is
acceptable when the number of open connection is ~ triple the number of
2- Also I find that both pg pool servers behave as Active/Active and can be
used at the same time.

So what is the recommended solution in this case?

Shereef Sakr
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