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Regarding pgpool authentication (pgpool 4.2)

Configuration are

enable_pool_hba = on

host    all             all     all    md5
local   all             all                                    md5

postgres: "someValue"
mpspostgres: "someValue"

When i tried to connection to pgpool  (with password as "someValue")
psql  -U mpsroot -p 5432 -h mpsdb

Que 1 :I am successfully able to connection even though password for
mpsroot user is not present in pool_passwd file and axxording to

       Auth should fail

Que 2: In pgpool authentication, between client to pgpool and pgpool to
backend DB Why both password have to be same .

Que 3: From client when i give a password in connection string , is same
password use for authenticating the client at pgpool and authentication the
client at backend DB

Que 3: what if we want authentication at back-end (DB) node only , not at
In that case pgpool send a password from pool_passswd file or whatever the
password client passes in connection string

Que 4: If DB has authentication on, do we need a authentication at pgpool

Que5 : In case we only enable authentication at DB not at pgpool, for
cached connection from pgpool to DB , do client still need to authorized.
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